Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22: Sex Drive (2008)

R, 1 hr. 49 min. Directed by: Sean Anders. Release Date: October 16, 2008. DVD Release Date: February 24, 2009. 

When I start raving about this movie, a lot of you who know me well will roll your eyes and dismiss what I'm going to say because I love these teen movies, no matter how stupid. But it's true. I've loved the teen flick since I started watching John Hughes' work back in the day. These movies bring back endless hours spent with good friends, some of whom I'm no longer in touch with, and for that, I'll always love these movies because of the memories they bring with them, even when the antics I'm watching don't always perfectly match my own high school antics. I don't rave about all of them, but the large majority of these kind of trashy movies get some positive feedback. That being said….

So now, I'm going to start raving. There is a trinity of cast members that make this movie just outstanding. The first is Seth Green. For those of you who haven't seen the trailers, he plays a very… I'll say "anglicized" Amish guy, someone who's as fond of his rumspringa days as I am for my high school and college days. His deadpan timing is brilliant and he grounds, rather than reinforces the insanity of what we're watching. I suspect the Amish scenes help keep this from being totally unbelievable and over the top, which has been the swan's song of more than one teen movie. The second part of the trinity is Clark Duke. I think he's awesome in Greek, when I remember that it's on and where I can find ABC Family on my dial. He's awesome here, but who really buys him as the lady killer? Not me. The final part of the trinity is James Marsden (God help me). Normally I hate him. In fact, this may be a singular event, a movie where I don't think his mere presence just sucks the life out of everything. In this, he is hysterical. While I think his comedic performance is strong throughout, I can't even THINK about the garage door scene with laughing.

If the movie has a fault, it's that it provides an overly exaggerated way of depicting how teenaged boys deal with their own hormones. I won't say they won't take a lot of steps to go after whatever girl's attracted their attentions, but this whole road trip thing for an internet hookup is a bit too much. Most boys of that age are too lazy to stay focused on something as unreal as "Ms. Tasty" for that long after all that effort comes to a total lack of fruition. 

It's rare when a movie makes me laugh out loud once. Mostly I give out snickers and smiles like they're cheap, but laughter is reserved for those things I find really funny. Sex Drive makes me laugh frequently, even on this viewing, which is possibly my fifth or sixth run since I bought the DVD a few years back. This isn't a great movie, but this kind of entertainment is priceless.