Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elektra Luxx (2011)

R, 1 hr. 38 min.  Directed by: Sebastian Gutierrez.  Release Date: March 11, 2011.  DVD Release Date: June 21, 2011.

I wanted to love Elektra Luxx.  I went in loving the cast.  After about ten minutes, I realized that there was nothing I didn’t love about the eponymous character.  Elektra was confident, tough, more than a little sexy, and possessed of a certain… power over the other characters that I found mightily attractive, even if she did have a moderately checkered past.  But then, I do love a girl that’s just a little bit naughty. 

There are a number of really good performances.  Quite a large number, actually, and a few from sources that I don’t consider to be constant in their abilities on screen, so I was moderately impressed (and more than just once).  I mostly liked the tale that was told, although I think that was more a factor of liking the main character than actually thinking this was a good standalone product. 

But, there were problems.  The movie felt a bit, well, a bit like a Seinfeld episode.  Pointless and not always in a good way (I never liked Seinfeld), filled with people that didn’t really make sense to me.  Not that there weren’t some wonderful moments, such as every minute that had Emmanuel Chriqui in it.  Actually, in the wake of this movie, I suspect I’ll propose should we ever happen to meet.  Not that the performance was great, but they were very, very memorable.  I feel like they brought in some very decent actors (Joseph Gordon Leavitt) for one, and relegated them to relatively bit parts… mostly the Kramer roles, so that I spent most of the film wondering why they were even there.  I also felt like this needed some… whimsy.  This was technically decent, but it needed something (other than nudity and Emmanuel Chriqui in “girl on girl action”) in order to make it entertaining, and that something was absent.

Some of this is probably my fault.  I’m not sure how this appeared on my Netflix queue, and I realized only after I finished the movie that it was a sequel.  I might have been way more clued in if I watched the first in the series. 

I’ll probably end up watching this again after I watch the initial installment of the series.