Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project Completion-- What Next?

During my first lecture on project management, one of my favorite teachers ever started off my education on the subject with a simple mantra:  "A project has a beginning and an end.  If you miss either one of these, you have hell."  I kept that in mind, both when I named my blog and when I considered the structure for this project of mine, which I intended to use like hash marks, something to help me pass what will probably go down as one of the worst years of my life... at least, I hope they don't get worse than that.  2011 ended up better than it started, but my life really sucked there for awhile.

When I started talking about doing this, folks were pretty firmly in two camps: the first being the, "you'll never make it" camp, which was pretty sizable.  The second camp was filled with people who wondered how I'd have the time.  Many of these are folks that I know spend four to seven hours a day glued in front of their television, and I spent approximately 3 hours a day on this project, provided you don't count the time I put in to making the images on my blog.  That took a bit more time, since I basically taught myself the Photoshop techniques I used as I've gone along. 

I also planned for multiple annual projects.  I don't expect this to go on forever, but for now, it's something I enjoy and more than 11,000 hits this year suggest that people want to see what I'm doing.  In 2012, I'm going to work my way through some classics, 100 of them to be precise.  The list is already on one of the remaining tabs, and I'll keep to that list provided I can find them on streaming or on Netflix.  I have some room for backups if people are still interesting in making suggestions.

There will be a few other changes:  (1) I'm downsizing my tabs, because now that I'm not limited to a single post a day, they've outlived their usefulness.  (2) I'll be changing up my usual features and attempting some different stuff, although as of the time of this writing, I still don't have all my ideas in line. (3) I probably won’t have a post EVERY day in 2012.  Most days yes, but there are times when writing one of my reviews just doesn't work for me, and I might occasionally skip it.  (4)  I was against a “quick and dirty ratings system from the first, and my concerns developed into a self fulfilling prophecy, so I’m rethinking my ratings system so it better works for all kinds of movie fans.

I've had a lot of questions about what my most popular posts were this year.  Troof, I was interested myself, and I lament the fact that the hit count on Bad Teacher made it the single most popular page on my site, a problem I suspect was helped along by my Facebook friends, who never failed to make fun of me when I complained about it.

Without further ado, my 10 Most Popular Posts of 2011!

1.  Bad Teacher
2.  Hanna
3.  Green Lantern
4.  Mad Love
5.  X-Men: First Class
6.  Crazy, Stupid, Love
7.  The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn, Part 1
8.  Wet Hot American Summer
9.  Never Say Never Again
10. Sex Drive

Happy new year folks, may you experience the good fortune and joy that I am currently, well, enjoying in 2012 (at least until the world ends).