Friday, April 27, 2012

Blogging Flashback: The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (2009)

PG-13, 1 hr. 42 min. Directed by: Jodie Markell. Release Date: Dec 30, 2009. DVD Release Date: Sep 07, 2010.


Lackluster work by Tennessee Williams; outstanding performances by the cast.  This is a moderately unusual series of events, right?  I don't know much about Williams, but I know he was one hell of a playwright.  A Streetcar Named Desire is a movie I'll be watching before too longer, for my 100 Classic Movies project, and I've already seen snippets of the play, so I know it gets better than this from him.  What I think really saves this movie is an uncertain cast that finds its footing quickly and manages to shine against material that is very unlikely.

Despite plenty of commentary on various internet sites regarding the quality of this piece as an example of Tennesse Williams' work, I enjoyed this film very much. Are the critics right? Yes, this was not the world's best example of William' skill as a playwright, but I think (most of the time) that it's not fair to condemn a movie because of someone's affection, or lack thereof, for the creative piece the movie is based on.  Even bad books can make decent movies (cough cough Interview With A Vampire cough).  The book totally sucks, but the movie is 90s magic.  It's a rare year that I don't watch it a few times just to remind myself why I loved it so much back in... '94, I think.  Maybe '92.

I loved the period drama here, which won't come as much of a surprise to those folks who pay attention to me. I think they did a fairly outstanding job of describing the social hierarchy that existed in the south in what I'm presuming was the 20s. I think both Chris Evans and Bryce Dallas Howard gave great performances.  Evans cracks me up in his usual fare, but it was this movie that made me think that there might be some talent under the goofy comedies and action flicks.

That being said, the movie had a few slow parts. There were some twists and turns that didn't really go anywhere in the story, and I did struggle a bit with why anyone would think these two would be a good match romantically. I'm also not sure how Howard's character got away with so much rebellion.